Why us ?

On the web and in our cities we can find dozens of offers for wedding videos. Getting oriented sometimes is not easy, and especially in the video industry few can claim “real” experience as a video grapher, often you find people who improvise themselves as “directors”… but to make a professional video you need quite different skills.

It takes years of practice and training, modern equipment and competent partners. To steal an expression, a moment, one must know how to be discreet and always ready…


More than 28 years of experience in the video production industry, we develop and realize your projects, starting from your ideas, we have made commercials, dramas, video clips, short films, documentaries, weddings for individuals, wedding videos corporate videos, TV and cinema. We make use of advanced instrumentation such as, Stedicam and gimbal, Cranes, Slider, and professional drones, simply magical devices to get photos and videos with a never before seen perspective, this, to offer the Client a 360-degree service.

Wedding Day:

The wedding day has always been considered one of the most beautiful and important days in everyone’s life. Every detail must be taken care of, to make this happen, and for the day to be truly memorable, the video must be made to perfection, like a real art film. This will allow you to relive with the same intensity those moments and all the details and emotions of that day whenever you want to.. Living with you step by step the events of the day, every detail will be imprinted on film so as to make a real film where you will be protagonists and set designers with the choices you will have made to prepare this magnificent and unforgettable day.

After the Wedding, the work is not finished:

And when the party lights go out, the artists, in the post production stage, with their skill and professionalism will transform the images of your video a small masterpiece, one of a kind. If you then want to make your video truly spectacular, you can choose to shoot some images on a day other than the wedding day, in a striking, scenic or important place for your story. All this is possible only by relying on experienced and competent professionals in the field who use the best technologies. Your wedding video also has the possibility of being shot with aerial footage by means of Drones, magical devices that give great emotions.


The editing of your video will be a cinematic masterpiece, a HighLight (Video of the Best Moments), it will tell the whole day in a few minutes the images will merge with the soundtrack, the rhythms will be adjusted by your images. at the same time will be lively, ironic, but also sentimental in an increasing rhythm, the images will follow the rhythm of the music, never leaving you a moment to breathe. All the music can be chosen according to the taste of the bride and groom, but if the bride and groom do not have a song of their own, don’t worry, we will take care of choosing the right one for the right time.


Your wedding video is a unique memory… that will stay with you for the rest of your life. That is why our services are taken care of in every single Detail. Each Scene shot, captures the right moment to transform your expressions into an artistic creation capable of conveying a unique and unrepeatable emotion. The Wedding Service will follow a time path with obligatory stages, due to the needs not only of the operator, but of the bride and groom themselves : Groom’s House, Bride’s House, Church or Municipal Ceremony, Park and Restaurant.



For our weddings we have the possibility to shoot with one or two cameras, the filming will be done with various equipment, such as SteadyCam, Stands, Sliders and for those who want it also with Drones, for magical and spectacular video footage, and if on your wedding day, the rain spoiled your desire, no fear, we can arrange and do the filming of just the bride and groom on another day, with more calm. All the Footage will then be transferred to 2 DVDs and a BluRay Disk in HD, for better Audio and Video quality.

Turning to Enrico Pietrobon Films is synonymous with professionalism, in more than two decades of activity we have :

  • Shot over 30000 hours of video;
  • Served more than 1,000 clients;
  • Participated in hundreds of weddings;
  • Spent a fortune on equipment;
  • Made more than 300000 kilometers;
  • drank more than 1,000 liters of coffee …

…do not hesitate to contact us for a quote or information regarding our services, serving you will be a pleasure!

Enrico Pietrobon

Passionate about computer science, he founded Softdream in 1995 and continued his studies at the IED in Milan in Digital Cinematography, Screenwriting and Directing in the following years. Enac Recognized Operator for Non-Critical Specialized Operations with APRs.

Bruna Amici

Born as a computer expert, worked at a well-known publishing house in proofreading and editing. Specializing at IED Milan in web design, she continued her studies as a video operator and digital editor.


Absolutely useless on the job but essential during assembly. Exceptional as a stress reliever….